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How Virtual Pub Quiz Works

We've be using Zoom to host everyone for pub quiz and using Google Docs to share answers with the quiz masters.  Teams are assigned to break-out rooms after 2-3 questions to discuss and given some time to review.  Scores are given out at least every other round.

The Globe's Pub Quiz has always been about giving to charity.  During these trying times, there is no required donation to play.  If you are able to donate any money at this time, we'd like to encourage you to donate to any of the following:

The Globe Pub Virtual Tip Jar

Emergency Relief Fund for Laschet's Inn Staff

St. James Food Pantry

Life Span

Greater Chicago Food Depository

GBS|CIDP Foundation

If there's a charity you would like to see added to this list, please let me know and I'll add a link!

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