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About Quiz Master Dave

It all started back in 2004....

I was playing quiz at a local bar, asked to co-host, got to actually host on my own, then The Globe Pub opened up and asked me to run their quiz.  I started the Tuesday after the bar opened, September 14, 2004, and we've been having fun, drinks, and amazing trivia ever since.

Some praise for Quiz Master Dave

Wanna feel dumb but still have a great time? Go to Tuesday night trivia at The Globe Pub!
           -Chicago Hearts

If you identify with Sheldon of ‘The Big Bang Theory' … bring five bucks and a group of Shawn Johnson-caliber mental gymnasts.
            -Chicago Tribune

Quiz Night at The Globe is for serious triviaholics with a sense of humor.           
            -Chicago Mazagine "Best of 2008"

I can honestly say of all the trivia nights I’ve attended, the emcee at the Globe Pub is by far the most entertaining.
           -Super Blinky

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