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My quizzes are very customizable.  My typical shows are 2 hours long, covering 7 rounds including two hand-out rounds.  I use laminated answer sheets which are turned in at the end of every round, and update players with answers and scores at the end of each round.


There are some theme rounds, described below:


Match Round

The Match Round is a hand-out round where players match items from column A to items from column B.


Finish the Lyrics

This round is another hand-out round.  I take the lyrics to a song, and remove around 10-15 words.  The players fill in the blanks.


Lyrics Lost in Translation

This is a variation on the Match Round.  I take some lyrics from a song and run them through 9 different languages in Google Translate.  The players match the mashed up lyrics to the song titles provided.

Hearrin Diagram Round

Named after a retired CPS Teacher who told his students he invented the Venn Diagram, the Hearrin Diagram Round gives you a list of items which are sorted into a column a, column b, or both.

In the Year 2525

This round is math plus history equals fun!  I give the players a historical event, such as Washington crossing the Delaware.  The players have to answer with the anniversary which will be observed in the year 2525.  In this case 2525-1776= 749.


Bizarro World

This round involves some imagination.   I am giving you the titles of books, movies, songs, etc by using the opposites of the words in the title. If we were talking about Beatles songs and said "Purple Hovercraft", the answer I'm looking for is "Yellow Submarine". If we were talking about movies and I say "Losing Omen", the answer is Finding Nemo. The added challenge is that all 8 answers have something in common which you must figure out!


Chemical States Round

This round is similar to Bizarro World in that all 8 answers have something in common.  Instead of giving the opposites of the words in titles of things, I'm giving clues by naming a list of chemical elements and US states.  The players use the abbreviations to form words.  The letters are all in order, so the clue Colorado (CO) Carbon (C) Potassium (K) Tantalum (Ta) Illinois (IL) spells COCKTAIL.


Dead Or Canadian

This is a 50/50 round. The category varies all the time, but can be quotes from two famous people, biographical information about the same, geographical, sports, anything. All the players have to do is decide between column a or column b!


Picture Round

This is exactly what is sounds like- pictures of people, places, objects, art, anything.  The players name what they are!


General Knowledge

Usually my final round, all the points are doubled, so every correct answer is worth two points instead of one! At the end, there's tiebreaker question as well!


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